Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Off to State Convention and the JJ Dinner

Well I am hitting the road today to go to the State Jefferson/Jackson Dinner, and State Convention. I am excited to hear from some great leaders like our own Jim Matheson, and South Dakota's Stephanie Herseth two Western Democrats that know what it means to hold an independent spirit and good a desire to bring common sense back to government. I will also be sitting at Emily Hollingshead's table Friday at the JJ Dinner which is quite an honor. I am sure that this week will increase my enthusiasim as I start campaigning. I hope to see all of you there, and look back for full reports on the weeks events.

P.S. the reason I am going up so early is that my best friend Brad Neve is getting married and I am going to be best man. Which means I am the one either keeps him there or says "I have two plane tickets to Mexico, and back way out of here."


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Come on Colt, show us the blogging!

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